Legal practice in the Juvenile Court is restricted by law to attorneys who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio. If an individual wishes to handle his or her own case, he or she may do so; however, they may not represent others. Due to the complexity of the law and the desire to avoid costly errors, most individuals who have filings before the Court are represented by an attorney. Deputy clerks are prevented by law from practicing law and, therefore, are not permitted to give advice.

Under Ohio law, it is an offense for an adult to contribute to, or encourage in any way, the delinquency, unruliness or neglect of a minor. In Sandusky County, the Juvenile Court has jurisdiction to try adults accused of these offenses. Law enforcement will complete a complaint and charge the Adult with Contributing. The complaint is forwarded to the Sandusky County Prosecutor’s Office for review. If the Prosecutor’s Office decides to prosecute the Adult, they will file the Complaint in Sandusky County Juvenile Court.

Typically, an Adult Contributing case arises when:

A conviction of any crimes against a minor will negatively impact all areas of your life. A conviction may result in jail time or fines and Court costs. SEARCH HERE for costs that may be imposed.

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