The Probation Department supervises youth that have been adjudicated delinquent and/or unruly and are placed on Probation (also known as Community Control). It is a goal of the Probation Department to motivate and implement change with the youth and families with whom we work.

When a youth is placed on Probation, the assigned Probation Officer will complete the Ohio Youth Assessment Survey (OYAS) on that youth. The OYAS is an assessment tool that was developed by the University of Cincinnati for the State of Ohio, and is designed to highlight high risk areas that may need addressed through programming. The results of this assessment will guide the programs the youth and family are required to participate in and the frequency in which the Probation Officer has contact with the youth and family.

In the event a youth fails to comply with the terms of probation and alternative sanctions have been utilized, the Probation Officer will file a Violation of Probation to address the issue. As a part of Probation youth are subject to random drug screens, curfew checks, school visits, home visits, office visits and referrals to community programs.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Probation services, feel free to contact the Chief Probation Officer by email at


The Diversion Program is designed for youth that have no prior Court involvement (a first time offender) and are before the Court for a misdemeanor or unruly offense. Youth can be referred to the Diversion Program by the Chief Probation Officer prior to a Court appearance or by the Judge/Magistrate after adjudication pursuant to Juvenile Rule 29(F).

Youth placed on Diversion are subject to rules set by the Diversion Contract and can be required to participate in programming deemed appropriate by the Diversion Officer. While on Diversion the youth is subject to random drug screens, curfew checks, school visits, home visits and office visits.

If the youth completes the requirements and no new charges are filed, the case against them is dismissed and sealed. If the youth fails to complete the terms of the Diversion contract within 6 months, the case is returned to Court for formal Court involvement.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Diversion services, feel free to contact the Chief Probation Officer by email at


While on Probation and/or Diversion all youth are subject to random, unannounced curfew checks. Probation Officers conduct curfew checks by geographical area as assigned by the Chief Probation Officer. The County is divided geographically East (Bellevue and Clyde), Central (Fremont), and West (Gibsonburg, Burgoon and Woodville).

Probation Officers will conduct curfew checks in pairs, one male and one female. When conducting checks on female probationers, the female Probation Officer will initiate the contact and vice versa when they are conducting a check on a male probationer. At the time of the curfew check Probation is required to physically see the youth in question. If the youth is not present, a curfew check slip is left at the residence with instructions about what they are required to do when they get home and Probation will follow up with the family the next business day.

If there is a suspicion of alcohol or drug use during the check, the Probation Officer will administer a breathalyzer or transport the youth to the Juvenile Justice Center to collect a urine screen.

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